Whenever I download shareware and the developers ask for a fee, I always feel really guilty about turning them down. I know a lot of these open source projects are woefully underfunded and can’t afford to hire enough developers for the project, and that’s why a lot of times they can’t get past the alpha version. I know the developers have worked really hard on the software that I’m now downloading and testing and they need my money. But I can’t give it to them, because I’m so poor. I need that money to feed myself.

When you’re perpetually on the brink of starvation, you have to be a dick about these things. When you’re as poor as I am, you have to learn to be a freeloader. That means pirating all my music, getting my software through piracy or from open source projects, getting all my books from the library instead of buying them, borrowing money from my parents and putting myself deeply in debt, leeching off other people’s WiFi (I bought a drink from this cafe specifically so they would give me the password, and after that I never bought anything from that cafe again).

I need a job. But it always seems like no one is willing to hire me. I suffer from several mental disorders that make it very hard for me to get and keep a job. I’m living on social security benefits, and I’m barely getting by. FML.