10 ways to lose an argument

For the record, if you have to do any of these things during an argument, then you’ve already lost:

  • Attacking the other person’s physical appearance, sexual prowess, social status, etc.
  • Correcting the other person’s spelling or grammar (unless it’s so bad that you literally cannot understand what they’re saying, but this is almost never the case)
  • Countering an argument in favor of social progress with “That’s the way it is. Deal with it.”
  • Asking the other person to provide sources for something that it’s impossible to provide sources for (like an opinion)
  • Stating that the other person has no right to attack your point of view because it is your opinion
  • Using cute emoticons as a substitute for an argument
  • Refusing to justify your position on the grounds that it is obvious (this is a favorite tactic among SJWs)
  • Backing up your argument with articles on obscure news sources that no one but you has ever heard of (this is a favorite among Trump supporters) – if you can’t find it in a reputed news source, then it’s not news.
  • Pulling stuff out of your ass (I’m looking at you, Jack Posobiec.)
  • Pointing out your own credentials, unless those credentials are actually relevant to the subject of the argument, rather than just a way to prove that you’re smarter than the other person because you have a degree