Midnight Commander: A character-based menu interface for Linux

I mentioned Midnight Commander in my last post, and now I will go into greater detail about this program here. I really like Midnight Commander. I like it for three reasons: 1. It’s convenient, 2. It gives you a lot of options, and 3. It looks nice.

Here is a screenshot of Midnight Commander running in Slackware Linux:


Midnight Commander lets you change what is displayed in both the left and right columns.  For example, here is a screenshot of Midnight Commander running in Arch Linux, with the right column set to display file information:


Pretty nifty, huh?  It gets better, because the menus in the file manager allow you to do just about everything with the files that you can do from the command line.


I haven’t tried most of these yet, but judging from the menus, Midnight Commander appears to be a fairly powerful tool.

You can also use the -b switch to force Midnight Commander into monochrome mode:


This is useful if you prefer a black background to a blue background.

And of course there’s the document viewer:


And the text editor, here showing my .plan file:


The text editor, which itself can be invoked from the command line using the mcedit command, is a full-featured menu-based text editor complete with syntax highlighting.

Next up: a post about my struggles to get the X Window System to work in Slackware.