Exploring packages in pkgtool

I like to look through the package repositories in pkgtool, the Slackware package manager, to see what packages are installed in my Slackware installation. pkgtool provides a menu-driven interface for installing, updating, removing, and viewing packages. One of the (possibly unintended) effects of this is that it adds a level of discoverability to the Slackware command line.



I’ve found a lot of neat or useful commands by looking through packages on my system. I will list a few of them:

Midnight Commander (mc): An MDI for Unix-based systems, including a file manager, a document viewer, and a text editor.



bpe: The Binary Patch Editor, a hex editor for Linux.


sc: The Spreadsheet Calculator. Looks a lot like Visicalc, but it appears to have different commands. I just found it and have no idea how to use it yet. Will have to explore it some more.  For now I’ve just taken a screenshot of a blank spreadsheet, because I don’t know how to add data to it.


So far this is all I’ve used pkgtool for, at least directly. I haven’t used it to install packages, because I’m not entirely sure yet how to do that. Apparently you have to get packages from somewhere else and then install them from a local directory. I’m not sure. More to learn about, I guess.